NOTICE TO RELOADIT CUSTOMERS: Effective Feb 28, 2017, AccountNow will no longer be part of the Reloadit network, and you will no longer be able to load funds from your Reloadit Packs to AccountNow-branded Cards. We apologize for any inconvenience. For questions, or to find how to add funds to your AccountNow Cards, please call the number on the back of your AccountNow Card.

Reloadit Safe

Use a Reloadit Safe - to add funds to your prepaid card, schedule loads and more
  1. Sign up for Reloadit Safe - It's easy. All you need is an email!
  2. Add your pack into Reloadit Safe
  3. Add your prepaid cards*

You are now ready to load your prepaid cards and schedule loads.

Don't have a pack? Purchase one at your nearest store

Your Reloadit™ Pack may be issued by Blackhawk Network California, Inc. or MetaBank™, depending upon the retailer at which the Reloadit™ pack is purchased. Please see the Reloadit Terms and Conditions for your Reloadit™ Pack.